Full Management Service

Initial setup fee:
50% of the first month’s rent plus VAT.

Monthly management fee:
12.5% plus VAT per month.

Collect and remit the monthly rent received.

  • Pursue non-payment of rent and provide advice on rent arrear actions.
  • Deduct commissions and other works.
  • Advise all relevant utility providers of changes.
  • Undertake one routine visit per fixed term tenancy, or once per year (whichever is the more frequent) and notify the Landlord of the outcome.
  • Arrange routine repairs and instruct approved contractors.
  • Hold keys throughout the term of tenancy.

Tenant Introduction Only (Finder's Fee)

Minimum fee of £650 plus VAT (Total £780) per finder’s fee.

Lettings Charges

Whether you opt for our fully managed service, or our tenant introductory service, these essentials are available

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